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Lovely Vintage Red & White Fringed Damask Hand Towel Guest Towel Cotton Linen   Vintage 1979 Mabuhay Philippines Natural Linen Fringed Calendar 10x17 Embroidery   2 Vintage Turkey Red Linen Damask Fringed Towels Quail Partridge 22x43 UNUSED   Vintage LINEN tea kitchen dish towel stripes fringed Unused   Lovely Vintage Linen Damask Towel Turkey Red Border Hand Tied Fringe   Lovely Vintage Huck Linen Towel Embroidered Fringe Blue White   vtg VICTORIAN LINEN HAND TOWEL FRINGED BOTH ENDS SIZE IS 60" by 54" gorgeous   Vintage White Damask Linen Fringed Embroidered Cut Work Guest Hand Towel 19 x 39   Vintage Towel Italian Linen 56" long White Damask Linen Fringe Mint   Vintage Antique Damask Floral Red & Ivory Linen Towel Fringed Ends Clover 31x14   VTG LINEN KITCHEN TOWEL CHINA PLATES, FLORAL DESIGN W/ FRINGE 30 1/2" X 16 1/4"   BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE ANTIQUE RED & WHITE LINEN DAMASK TOWEL W/ HAND-TIED FRINGE   2 Vintage Turkey Red Linen Damask Fringed Towels 16.5x35 Germany UNUSED NWT   Linen - TOWEL Tea Vintage Guest 100% PURE Linen Lipstick Red Yellow Fringe NOS   Vintage Italian White Linen Damask Deep Fringed Bath Show Towel Unused 25x62   Gorgeous Vintage White Linen Damask Monogram B Fringe Show Towel   VINTAGE PRINTED LINEN TOWEL / VICTORIAN COUPLE W HORSE & FRINGED SURREY   STUNNING antique 26x43 linen Rose damask fringed towel w OC floral monogram vtg   Vintage Antique Damask Linen Towel w Knotted Fringe 19 x 33 inches Off White   Vintage Antique Linen Turkey Red Damask Towel Hand Knotted Fringe Rare Dog Scene   VINTAGE TURKEY RED HUCK LINEN TOWEL 3" FRINGE SCROLL DESIGN AT EACH EDGE   Vintage Linen Turkey Red Damask Guest Bath Towel Dragons Fringe   Vintage Made in Czechoslovakia Damask Style 10" Fringe Guest Towel Linen   Vintage Kiitchen Towel Huck Linen Swedish Embroidery Self Fringe 13x20 NVR USED   SUPERB ANTIQUE VINTAGE DAMASK LINEN SHOW TOWEL FRINGE EACH END STORED UNUSED #3   SUPERB ANTIQUE VINTAGE DAMASK LINEN SHOW TOWEL FRINGE EACH END STORED UNUSED #2   VINTAGE WHITE LINEN RETRO CROSS STITCH FRINGED TOWEL 13" X 9"   VINTAGE OFF WHITE LINEN CROSS STITCH CHRISTMAS FRINGED TOWEL 18 1/2" X 10 1/2"   Vintage Off White Linen Yellow & Black Floral Embroidered Fringe Hand Towel   ELEGANT VINTAGE ANTIQUE RED AND WHITE LINEN DAMASK TOWEL W HAND-TIED FRINGE N94   BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE ANTIQUE RED & WHITE LINEN DAMASK TOWEL W/ HAND-TIED FRINGE N93   VTG Linen Guest Towel Multicolor Fringe Thick Padded Embroidery 15x20.25   TWO VINTAGE PINK LINEN FRINGED APPLIQUE TOWEL 10 1/2" X 15 1/2"   Vintage Cannon Aqua Linen Towel USA 15.5 x 30" Fringed LOVELY   VINTAGE BEIGE LINEN APPLIQUE DRAWN FRINGED TOWEL 24" X 16 1/2"   VINTAGE EMBROIDERED APPLIQUE PEACH LINEN FINGERTIP TOWEL W/ FRINGE